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At God’s Peace of Maui!

Are you visiting Maui and looking for a vacation rental with awesome amenities? Our short-term room rentals and cottage, therefore, offer a safe and comfortable stay right in the heart of Maui.

Quiet, Affordable Bed and Breakfast Rentals in Maui: Central and Easy to Book.

Finding a room rental in Maui can be challenging with high-priced hotels and homes. However, our easy-to-book room rentals and cottage come with a jacuzzi, kitchen, and more amenities. Additionally, our staff thoroughly cleans and prepares every room to ensure you have a beautiful time on the island and a place to unwind.

Private & Secure Rooms

At Peace of Maui, we prioritize your budget and comfort. Unlike a hostel, our rooms are private and locked with a code, so you can come and go as you please without needing a key. Furthermore, we ensure you and your belongings are safe at our bed and breakfast in Maui.

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Room Rentals Maui

Why Choose A Room Rental or Cottage?

Our Maui Room Rentals provide not only a comfortable place to sleep but also central access to Maui’s finest activities. Our cottage, a quaint home boasting 2 bedrooms and one bath, ensures more privacy compared to the main house room rentals.

Here are the advantages of choosing our Room Rentals or Cottage:

1. Tranquil Rural Retreat – Indulge in serenity at Peace of Maui, nestled in an upcountry, rural area away from the hustle and bustle. Embrace nature’s tranquility and peaceful surroundings.

2. Budget-Friendly Comfort – Unwind in snug private rooms at pocket-friendly rates. Peace of Maui ensures affordable accommodation without compromising on comfort.

3. Safety and Security – Relax in a safe and secure environment. Peace of Maui prioritizes guest safety, guaranteeing peace of mind during your stay.

4. Convenient Central Location – Explore Maui effortlessly from our conveniently located accommodation. Peace of Maui’s central location places you in the heart of all activities.

5. Authentic Local Experience – Immerse yourself in Maui’s culture and lifestyle at Peace of Maui, offering an authentic local experience with modern comforts.

Have A Fun Maui Experience

Discover the allure of Maui without breaking the bank at Peace of Maui. Not only are our room rentals affordable, but they also allow you to experience the beauty of Maui without compromising your budget. Additionally, with more savings on accommodation, you’ll have ample resources to indulge in the myriad of activities this tropical paradise offers. Whether it’s exploring pristine beaches or embarking on breathtaking hikes, there’s no shortage of adventures to embark on. Moreover, enjoy peace of mind knowing that our tranquil environment prioritizes safety and security. We maintain a quiet ambiance, ensuring a family-friendly atmosphere where relaxation reigns supreme. Experience the essence of Maui without financial strain at Peace of Maui.

Why Choose Us?

Choose us, an award-winning bed and breakfast room rental on Maui, for an unforgettable stay. Our commitment to cleanliness ensures a pristine environment, while our friendly staff ensures a warm welcome. Additionally, with seamless check-in procedures, your journey begins stress-free. Moreover, benefit from our extensive experience in hospitality, where we anticipate and exceed your every need. Furthermore, enjoy the comfort of clean sheets, towels, and a personal small fridge in each room, enhancing your stay with convenience. At the same time, we prioritize guest feedback, continuously refining our services to ensure an amazing experience for all. Therefore, trust in our expertise and dedication to make your Maui getaway exceptional.

Ready To Book A Room Rental?

Ready to book a room rental for your Maui getaway? Look no further than Peace of Maui, where relaxation meets affordability. Not only do we offer clean, comfortable rooms, but our award-winning bed and breakfast ensures a rejuvenating stay. Additionally, with friendly staff and seamless check-in procedures, your booking experience is hassle-free. Moreover, each room is equipped with clean sheets, towels, and a personal small fridge, providing convenience and comfort throughout your stay. Nestled in a tranquil rural area, our property offers a safe and peaceful ambiance, perfect for families and solo travelers alike. Whether you’re here to explore Maui’s stunning beaches or embark on exhilarating adventures, Peace of Maui is your ideal home base. Don’t hesitate—book now and unlock the magic of Maui with us.